10 Foods You Should Never Eat When On Diet

10 Foods You Should Never Eat When On Diet – Of all the weight-loss methods, Foods are the most appealing loving. But there are foods that can create a mess to your health. Though there are no hard-and-fast food rules you should stick to, there are certain foods you should keep yourself aloof from.

With so many in the list, the worst culprits are frozen, fried and additive ones. Although there is sugar-free or all-natural food in the market, these labeling and buzzwords, or I should say sugar-bombs can put a grave effect on your body.

Foods You Should Never Eat When On Diet

So here are top 10 foods you SHOULD say NO to when on diet:

Sugar Syrups:                                          

Sugary drinks or sugar-sweetened beverages like canned drinks or soda are the toppers in our list of unhealthiest foods. Although soft drinks & soda tastes delicious and is everyone’s favorite beverage to quench the thirst, they also possess ingredients which are not healthy. Sugar drinks lead to weight gain and therefore can have grave effects when consumed in excess. They contain a lot of calories and don’t make you full. However, if you seriously want to achieve your weight loss goals, give up sugar drinks completely.

Fried food:

Fried food like Fries and potato chips contain high calories and are unhealthy. They are like main food to gain weight, but if you want to lose or you are on diet, keep yourself away from them. Studies indicate that potato chips contribute more to weight gain than any other food. However, if you are a potato lover, you can have boiled potatoes as they are good for health (but not in excess quantity).

Fruit Juices:

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are as unhealthy as soda when you sip regularly. Although fruit juices contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, they are loaded with sugar. They are rich in fructose which is quite harmful to the body. Also, juices lack in fiber which is essential for the body. All in all, fruit juices lacks in a lot of stuff that makes a complete fruit healthy. You can eat whole fruit but try to skip unhealthy juices.

Processed Meat:

Stay away from processed meats like ham, salami, hot dogs, and bacon. These processed foods contain nitrates, chemical additives which can cause serious diseases and can hamper the body. Also, these processed foods contain color and artificial sweeteners to promote taste which indirectly can offer grave effects on the body.


Candies or sugar-free candies have artificial sweeteners too. They are bad for the digestive system as they easily don’t break down sugar alcohols and sugar substitutes.  Eating excess candies can cause problems like an allergic reaction, headache, rashes and much more. Instead of eating candies, you can try honey, stevia or monk fruit for sweetening.


Margarine is made from vegetable oil and has less cholesterol. Previously it was considered as one of the healthier things to consume. But experts suggest that margarine contains a high source of salt and contains artery-clogging trans fat. Trans fats are original fats used in margarine. They also increase the risk of developing diabetes and many other health problems.  However, you can replace margarine with butter or ghee.

Microwave Popcorn:

Another food that ranked in our list of top 10 unhealthy foods is microwave popcorn. No! Popcorns are not unhealthy, instead, the way they are cooked in. Popcorns in the microwave are cooked in micro safe bags which are made from nonstick perfluorochemicals that might lead to cancer and other severe health problems.

Not just that, microwave popcorns also contain fake butter flavoring compound that can cause lung disease when taken in large quantities.  So folks, next time you want to eat popcorns, pop you! Take some organic kernels and use a stainless steel pan to cook.

Conventionally raised egg/chicken:

Conventionally raised chicken might contain some traces of Tylenol, Benadryl, banned antibiotics, arsenic and caffeine which can be harmful to your body. So instead of trying them, use organic eggs or organic chicken in your food.

Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners lead to diabetes and can cause a disturbance in gut flora. Such sweeteners can also cause allergies, bladder cancer, headaches, brain tumor, and much more. Artificial sweeteners have a stimulating effect on appetite and thus play a vital role in weight gain.  They also encourage obesity and can offer bad effects on the body.

White bread:

Bread is made from potassium bromated substance which helps in raising the dough. But studies suggest that potassium bromate is linked to certain diseases and is also banned in other countries. However, you can choose a potassium-bromate-free product for healthy eating.

The list doesn’t end here, there are lot more products in the pipeline. As of now, you can keep yourself aloof from the above-mentioned foods to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Aforementioned were 10 products in our list that you should avoid when on diet. Keep them at bay and have a healthy eating.

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