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Amino Acid Types and Their Role in Bodybuilding

role of amino acids in bodybuilding

Amino Acid Types and Their Role in Bodybuilding – Amino acids are termed as,” building blocks” for muscles physiologically and they are building units for proteins chemically. Muscle growth depends on numerous factors including hormones, supplements, nutrients and exercise. These factors play an indispensible role in the various physiological processes such as energy production, muscle recovery, mood elevation and improvement in the strength and endurance. Biggest question that strikes our mind is how amino acids play their part in all these events? Let us explain your queries here. Moment you finish your workout session, body is sweating hard, you are hot like a boiler, at that point of time blood rushes with great pace especially towards your muscles. Muscles in that case, if supplemented with free amino acids or more precisely Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), will grow in size because of increased protein synthesis in the muscles. Besides, amino acids act as a source of energy for gym freaks. While your workout session is ongoing or about to start, amino acids alone or when provided in combination with creatine, act as a direct source of power and strength.  This was about what they do and how do they do it.

Importance of Amino Acids in Bodybuilding

Amino acids plays an important role in bodybuilding. Therefore amino acids are the top most preference for professional bodybuilders.

  • Tryptophan increases tolerance to pain during intense exercises
  • Branched chain amino acids, (leucine, Isoleucine and valine) improve the level of physical and mental performance while exercise
  • Glutamine another amino acid, promotes the muscle glycogen synthesis and enhances the muscular strength.
  • Glutamine increases the muscle mass.
  • Glutamine supplementation increases lean muscle mass and endurance.
  • Aspartate enhances the exercise performance by improving the endurance.
  • Arginine improves the exercise capacity of the Gym Freak
  • Ornithine, Arginine and lysine, they increase muscle mass and strength
  • Tyrosine has positive effects on muscle strength, endurance and exercise power.
  • Taurine supplementation increases the stroke volume during recovery after exercise.
  • Methionine helps to metabolize fat content in the body.

How Amino Acids Supplement Work For Bodybuilders?

Destiny of Amino acids, in the body depends on their availability and their need in the body? Are they available in the free form in blood stream and also whether they are needed at times in the body moment they are available. It is the case with non essential amino acids for example Glutamine. Basically, amino acids are 23 in number out of which 9 are essential that must be obtained from our dietary supplements.

Immediately after the exercise, when blood flow is high towards the muscles and body muscles are in best conditions to receive nutrients, at that point of time, if amino acids in free form are supplied, there is every possible opportunity for muscles to gain mass and grow in size. We have mentioned the word free form here because, high protein levels in the body will take hours of time to add amino acids in your blood stream. Proteins will be cleaved and metabolized and then will be available in the form of amino acids. Moment this happens, blood supply to the muscles at will slow down and retarded. Hence, best way is to supplement amino acids in free form.

In case we supplement our body with the branched Chain amino acids, our body does not need to undergo muscle breakdown for producing energy. As branched chain amino acids straightway produce energy by getting metabolized in muscles.

Safety aspects 

Most of the amino acids are safe up to dose limit suggested by the healthcare practitioner. They can interfere with protein metabolism if consumed in excess. There is no threat to kidneys after the use of amino acids. However, in case of the pre-existing disease conditions, kidney disease etc, amino acids diet has to be specific.  They are strictly advised to be taken 30 minutes before the exercise so that they get easily digested and are available in the blood stream.


Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue and proteins, as discussed earlier in this article. We have made a sincere attempt in the present blog post to clarify your doubts regarding use and importance of amino acid supplementation for Bodybuilders and Gym freaks. Amino acids especially branched chain amino acids are quite important. They improve body’s ability to synthesize proteins and build muscle mass after quite remarkably. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are quite important and should be provided in the form of health supplement.

Amino acids help to perform beyond your skills. Not only they supply energy to your muscles but they do also improve muscle strength, stamina, and endurance and muscle power. Hence, these are quite effective as the dietary supplements.


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