Anti Aging Yoga Poses – As you become old your body feels old. As you young as your body feels young. If you want to feel young and stay young, fitness is the most important thing, so go for healthy food and also do exercise.Yoga is one of the world’s best things which have been performed in India for thousands of years. In this article we will introduce you many anti aging yoga poses which will help you to keep your body young.

Some anti aging yoga poses

Yoga asanas are effective in curing for a batch of disorders in the body and also beneficial in keeping fit and your body supple. Many of the asanas are very easy to practice. Most of the people do many of the things in order to look young. One of the easiest and simple methods to tone up your body and to improve your skin is to perform the yoga. So hold your yoga mat and go for yoga, which will very improve your overall health.

How Yoga is Beneficial for Anti Aging:

Now one question may comes in your mind that how yoga works for anti aging. Yoga poses works with various joints of the body. It also works with those joints that are never really on the ‘radar screen’ let alone exercised. Yoga works like lubricants in the human body. Yoga massage all the organs of the body. This massage keeps away the body from various diseases and keep your body healthy and strong.

What are the Anti Aging Benefits of Yoga?

Here are the some of the benefits of yoga for anti-aging as given below:

  1. Effective for maintain the balance.
  2. Provides the flexibility.
  3. Provides strength.
  4. Improves breathing.
  5. Body awareness.

Top Anti Aging Yoga Poses

Here are the some of the top yoga poses which will effectively work as follows:

Power Point Presentation for Anti Aging Yoga Poses

  1. Warrior pose for anti-aging:

Warrior pose is very helpful yoga pose for anti aging. Let’s know how it works?Warrior yoga pose for anti-aging

How to perform?
  • Firstly stand straight with feet apart.
  • Then towards the outward direction keep your Left foot points, right foot towards inward direction and keep your torso straight.
  • Then bend the left knee and exhale.
  • Now stretch your arms out and inhale. Then turn your head to look at your left arm. Then for ten seconds remain in this position.  Then Repeat on the other side.
  1. Tree pose for anti-aging:

Tree pose is the another yoga asana that helps to keep body young and health.Tree yoga pose for anti-aging

How to perform?

Firstly begin with equal standing posture, and then put most of your body weight into the left foot and leg. Then in the front of the chest bring your hands in to the prayer position.

  • Then on the right foot come on to your toes and then open the right hip and leg.
  • If your balance is in the unsteady position, then on the floor keep your right toes, right heel against the inside of the left calf.
  • If you feel that you are stable here, and then off the floor lift the right foot and place against the inside of the left calf or thigh, being careful not to press against the knee.
  • Then take a few breaths, then slowly lower and repeat it on the second side.
  1. Calming the muscles and nerves:

One of the main and important reasons why we get wrinkles is because of the stress, which generally occurs both in our minds as well as in our muscles and nerves.

How to perform?
  • Firstly keep your palms together and rub them vigorous in order to warm them up.
  • Now calmly close your eyes and place your palms on your eyes in order to cover them.
  • Through the nose breathe deeply and hold your breath as long as you can hold it.  Then Exhale slowly.

This will effectively relax your eyes and breathing slowly will help calm down the tense and stretched muscles.

  1. Squat for anti-aging:

How to perform?
  • Firstly stand with your feet slightly apart. Then to the shoulder level lift up your hands. Now push your knees together and act as like that you are trying to sit down on an imaginary chair.
  • Now as much as possible try to bend your knees.
  • It is effective in toning up your thighs and glutes and help you attain more control and balance on the body.Squat yoga for anti-aging
  1. Sphinx pose for ant-aging:
How to perform?
  • Firstly lie on face down towards the ground. Then on the sides tuck your elbows. Now by putting some of the  pressure on your palms, inhale and lift your head and chest
  • Make sure that the elbows should be remaining on the ground. Remain in this pose for five inhalation-exhalations.Sphinx yoga pose for ant-aging

So if you want a glow in your golden years, then start practicing the yoga on daily basis this will help you in staying young without any side-effects.

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