Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Back Pain

Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Back Pain

Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Back Pain – According to Ayurveda, back pain mainly occurs due to poor or unhealthy diet and bad posture, that ultimately results in the lack of flexibility of the muscles, cause severe pain in the upper, middle or lower back. If the pain is continuous it will lead to spread to both sides of the waist as well as in the hip. In this article we are going to discuss the effective and most efficient ayurvedic remedies to reduce back pain

How to Reduce Back Pain With AyurvedaDay to Day Activities to Reduce Back Pain

The day to day activities to reduce back pain are illustrated below:

  • Regular exercises will help keep your back muscles strong and healthy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Try to maintain healthy and safe postures.
  • Walking can keep your stomach as well as back muscles healthy.
  • Avoid heavy lifting whenever possible.

By using Ayurvedic remedies to get relief from back pain is the best method. Ayurvedic treatment will show positive and effective result. Adopt various ayurvedic remedies instead of spending lots of money on the useless treatments and medicines. These remedies will show long lasting effect and will reduce the back pain.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Back Pain

The following natural Remedies to cure back pain are illustrated below:

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  1. Kativasti:

The waist are of body is called as Kati. Vasti in Kativasti implies a container. Kativasti is an effective therapy of Ayurveda for katisula, which in term for lower backache or stiffness or pain felt down the back.


In this treatment the patient is made to lie on face down on the Droni and a rectangular reservoir made of black gram dough is built up on the lower back, around the lumbo-sacral area. And lukewarm oil, that alleviates pain and strengthens the bone tissues, is slowly poured in to it.

  1. Mahanarayana massage:

Get a soothing backrub. Use mahanarayana oil and rub on the affected area, effective in relieving pain.

  1. RasnaSaptakam Kasha yam is also available as RasnaSaptakam Kwatham is a simple ayurvedic formulation in a decoction form which is highly effective in the treatment of low back pain, sciatica. The ingredients present in RasnaSaptakam Kasha yam are given below:
  • Rasna: pluchea lanceolata.
  • Guduchi: tinospora cordifolia.
  • Aragwadha: cassia fitula.
  • Devadaru: cedrus deodara.
  • Gokshra: tribulus terrestris.
  • Erandamoola: the root of ricinus communis.
  • Punarvana: boerhaavia diffusa.
  1. Take a dry ginger and apply like a pack on back area on this keep gigantic swallow worth leaves and keep it for some time pain will reduce normally.
  1. Take long pepper and dry ginger in equal quantities to make a powder. To this add sugar and take 1 spoon daily back pain will reduce.
  1. Collect fresh leaves of Nirgundi (vitex negundo) and karanja (pongamia pinnate).Tie them in a thin cloth so as to make a big ball. Boil the leaves ball in water, so as to make it tolerably hot, and apply it on affected part.
  1. Food:

In Ayurveda back pain is considered as vata ailment, it is vital to keep vata, pitta and kapha in balance. So avoid food that aggravate the vata element in your body, and this in turn, will aggravate your pain. It is also advice to avoid lassi, curd, rajma, urad dal, ladies finger, kadhi and lemons, till the Pain disappears. Eat easily digestible food, particularly calcium-rich food. If possible walk in sun for few minutes daily, to gain enough vitamin exposure.

  1. Take a pan and add 60 ml of coconut oil and add 10 cloves of garlic. Fry this mixture until garlic turns dark brown. Apply this oil when lukewarm on affected area.
  1. Hot Herbalized bath:

Apply this mahanarayana oil on your back. Put 1/3 cup ginger and 1/3 cup baking soda in to hot water in your tub. Soak in the tub for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this bath 2 or 3 times a week. This provides extra healing and muscle relaxation.

  1. Yoga :

  • Camel pose lotus pose.
  • Cow pose forward bend.
  • Spinak twist palm tree pose.
  • Locust pose gentle, modified dish pose.

Back pain is one of the common problem. People go for various for treatments and medicines in order to reduce pain, however ayurvedic remedies are best available method to reduce the back pain. These remedies will help you out to get relief from back pain without causing any side effects.

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