Best Tips to Prevent Heart Attack

Best Tips to Prevent Heart Attack – We are dying less often due to the latest technological and pharmacological advances of the modern medicine.  But do not treat your heart disease as your circumstance. Although there are various risk factors (like family history, sex, age) that we are not able to control, there are few risk factors i.e. (healthy lifestyle) that we can control.  By maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good in preventing from various heart diseases in future.

How to prevent heart attack

If anyone in your family is suffering from this disorder, then adopt some of the useful tips that are beneficial for your heart and other heart related issues. Read the full article and know best tips to prevent heart attack.

Presentation Shows Best Tips to Prevent Heart Attack

Best Tips to Prevent Heart Attack:

Now the question arises how to prevent heart attack? Here are best tips to prevent heart attack. Follows these tips in order to get rid of this heart related disorder as mentioned below:

  1. Take care of your health:

In order to get the protection against the heart disease and stroke it is very necessary to understand the risks and treatment options. There might be highest chance of getting heart disease is due to your ignorance or misinformation. Hence the first step is to take care for your health.

  1. Quit smoking and do not use tobacco:

In cigarette smoke there is a presence of Carbon monoxide. Smoke can replace some of the oxygen in your blood which enhances the blood pressure and heart rate and this will result in heart to work harder in order to supply enough oxygen. Hence cigarette smoking and second-hand exposure to smoke enhances the chance of getting the heart disease and stroke. Chemicals that are present in the tobacco can lead to coronary artery disease. Hence going for tobacco develop the chance for getting of heart disease.

  1. Reduce your cholesterol level:

High blood cholesterol is a condition that extremely raises your chances of developing coronary heart disease. Extra cholesterol present in the blood settles on the inner walls of the arteries, narrowing them and allows limited blood to go through them to the heart. Your aim must to maintain the total cholesterol below 200 mg/dL and LDL cholesterol below 130 mg/dL and HDL above 35 mg/dL.

  1. Try to maintain healthy weight:

Being obese or overweight enhances cardiovascular disease and heart attack risk. So always remember to consume right food and keep active so you can prevent chronic diseases linked with obesity.

  1. Take adequate sleep:

Due to busy schedule and daily hectic routine we have disturbed our sleeping cycle and deep sleep.  Most of searches say that those people who take 6-8 hour sleep at night have less chances of heart problems instead of those people having less sleep at night. Good sleep is the solution to a healthy heart. Good sleep is very necessary for preventing heart attack.

  1. Pick your pills carefully:

Most of the people believe in certain alternative medicines due to the way they are marketed. The main problem with various alternative medications is that most of the patient thinks they are doing something doing better for improving the health, when in fact they are not.

Best Food for Heart Attack Patient

You can also prevent heart attack by adding various healthy foods in your diet. The best food for heart attack patient are mentioned below:

  1. Oatmeal:

Start your day by eating oatmeal in order to boost up the fiber. It has also a low glycemic index, which is good in providing the long lasting energy and keeps hunger at bay. Try to go for rolled oats, and for flavour add some of raisins, apples, and honey. Make sure to avoid instant oatmeal, since it is packed with sugars that you do not require.

Recommended serving size: Take 1/3 cup of Raw having 113 calories made with water and ¾ heaping cups having 98 calories.

  1. Barley:

This food is enriched in soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, which is effective for fighting against the constipation. A decent protein source, it also supplies iron and minerals. Make sure not to choose pearl “barely” having lower outer husk, and thus, many of the nutrients are removed. Try to go for whole-grain barley cereals, or substitute whole-grain barley for rice and pasta side dishes once a week.

Recommended serving size: Take ¼ cup dry having 151 calories.

  1. Tofu:

It is prepared from soybeans, which have been shown to lower the cardiovascular disease risk by reducing the LDL cholesterol. A diet that consists of 25 grams of soy protein and 50 to 60 milligrams of soy isoflavones is good in lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. It usually absorbs the flavor of whatever else you are cooking with it, so add it in to a chicken or beef stir-fry dish, salad, or chili.

 Recommended serving size:  Go for Firm, 3.5 ounces: 73 calories

Use theses tips to prevent heart attack and stay healthy!

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