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How Can a Skinny Guy Gain Weight?

Male or female both struggles when it comes to gain weight. Although being thin seems good, being underweight can cause serious health problems.

Fats, also has a bad reputation for making people obese. However, fat helps in breaking and storing energy and also helps in preventing blood clots and inflammation. And if you are skinny, below mention tips and exercises will surely help.

So without further ado, here’s the list that will help a skinny nerd gain weight:

Train better, not harder:                                              

Stimulate exercises in your daily regime to boost muscle and to gain weight. You can try the workout that has few or light moves, or can also ask your trainer to assist you. If you are new, try bodybuilder’s workout or a light circuit as a start.

Eat Good:                                           

Eating will not bulk you if you are eating in a proper manner. Eat grams instead of carbs and try to eat at different time intervals. Do not eat everything at once; instead, switch for 5 different small meals. The protein per pound of your body weight will help you stay fit and active.

You can take starchy carbs like rice, oats, potatoes, and snacks that are on high-calorie but are healthy too. You can add foods, like nuts, seeds and other that are good fat sources. Just make sure to eat right to have a healthy body.

Rest is the best:

People often don’t get time to take a rest after hard workouts; however, it is said that eight hour sleep is very important for growth-hormones release. A power nap is even better if you are able to get it. To relax your mind, you can also opt. short messages or can use a foam roller to pull out the knots in your muscles.

Keep a Track of Everything:

You have to keep a log of everything you do. By doing this, you can keep an eye on your strength and get your numbers on record. With this, you will also come to know where you are lagging and what your faults are. Add more reaps and strength your muscle size.

Keep an Eye on Your Weight:

Weigh yourself once a week; weigh before you eat or drink and keep the numbers on record. If you are eating enough in a precise way, then you will gain weight (a pound) in a week.

Not only will the food help you gain more, exercising will simultaneously play an efficient role in this. A good round of workout will increase your hunger starving and your weight too. Start by dividing the days as per your workout plans

Day 1:


To do this, you will need a barbell. To start with, stand with your feet slightly open, and bend down your hips to reach to the ground. Hold the bar, with your hands outside your keens and pull the barbell upward. Make sure to keep your lower back in natural drive with your heels on the floor.  Also keep your body straight and fully extended.


To do chin-ups, you will need a pull-up bar.  Hang the bar and then pull yourself up until your chin touches it.

Dumbbell Floor Press:

Lie on the floor with the dumbbell in each hand with your dumbbell weigh over your chest. Pull them down and lower your arms until your triceps (not your elbows) touch your floor. Continue this motion and repeat the steps.

Reverse lunge:

Do at least 3 sets by holding the dumbbell in one hand. Now lower your body until your one knee touches the floor and your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat each by alternating by taking a 2-3 minute break in between each set.

Day 2:

Split Squat:

Start with dumbbells in one hand and your one leg on the bench. Stand straight and put your one foot behind you.  Now bend your body until your knee touches the floor. Make sure that your front thigh should be parallel to the floor.

Bench Press:

Lower your back on the bench with the bar outside your shoulder. Now pull the bar out of the rack and lower your sternum. When the bar touches the body, press your feet hard into the floor and push the bar back to the upward position. Just make sure to move slowly.

Dumbbell row:

Hold the dumbbells and stand with your feet staggered. Now bend your hips back to lower your chest and bring it parallel to the floor. Put the weight on your hips, squeeze your shoulder blades and complete your reps. Switch the side after each repeat.


Feet-elevated side plank is the best for the whole body. To do this, lie across your bench and hook it on a sturdy object. Hold the position for a few minutes.

Day 3:

Front Squat:

Set the barbell on the power rack at your shoulder height and grab the bar with both hands, raising your elbows until your upper arm become parallel to the floor. Balance the bar by taking it out of the rack. Step back and set your feet at the shoulder width with toes slightly out. Now squat as low as you can and repeat the steps.

Inverted row:

First set your barrel on the wall at about hip height. Now lie underneath it and grasp it with hands (hands should be at least shoulder width apart). Hang your body on the bar so that it forms a straight line. Pull yourself up by squeezing your shoulders.

Leg-hip thrust:

Place your upper back on one side and sit on the floor. Now extend one leg and place the other close to your butt. Extend your hips until your body is parallel to the floor.


Place your hands on the floor with your body in one line, keeping your ABS braced. Now squeeze your shoulder blades and lower your body with your chest touching the floor. Do at least 4 sets and repeat 3 times with 2-3 min break.

So this completes the list of exercises and diet. Follow them regularly to see the results from your own. Also, if you have any health issues, make sure to consult your physician before switching to this routine. Although it’s a three-day plan, the other remaining days are for rest.

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