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Can Women Drink Whey Protein or It’s Only For Men?

Can Women Drink Whey Protein – A big question that nudges women’s mind is whether they can have Whey Protein or it’s just for men’s. YES! Women can consume whey protein in many ways as it aids in building lean muscles and support muscle loss.

We mostly have seen that most women shy from supplementing their body over concern that supplements would bulk them and will increase muscle fat. But it’s a myth; Whey Protein is a rich source of protein and aids in weight loss. Many studies indicate that ladies who consume whey protein for their reduced-calorie diet have experienced weight losses due to high satiety and lower net calorie intake.

Further, the essential amino acids in the whey protein will help women achieve the perfect body they always crave for. It is easy to digest and is a perfect snack to eat after your post-workout session.

Reasons Why Whey Protein is not a DEVIl for Ladies

Women mostly believe that consuming Whey protein will bulk their muscles in the same way they affect men’s body.  However, it’s completely untrue as women don’t have hormones that aids in producing large and padded muscles. So breaking all myth’s here are top 5 reasons why Whey Protein is not a DEVIl for ladies and they can consume them without any doubt:

Whey Protein aids in muscle building and cutting fat:

Whey protein not only helps in building muscles but also helps in shedding extra kilos. Studies also indicate that Whey Protein help in keeping hunger pads at bay making people feel full. Whey also helps in boosting metabolism and aids in churning that extra calorie from those who don’t do many workouts or who don’t consume any supplements.

Whey creates a feeling of fullness:

Protein, by nature, is slow digesting; however, Whey is the fastest digesting of all other protein powders. It keeps you full for a longer time and helps to keep hunger pads at bay. Not only this, a low-calorie and high-protein Whey protein shake will also boost satiety.

Whey Protein may also help in lifting your mood:

Since Whey Protein contains a large amount of amino acid tryptophan, it helps in improving stress control and potentially lifts the happy hormone (serotonin) in the body. Studies also indicate that Whey helps in improving coping capabilities, making it a perfect choice for uplifting your mood.

Whey Protein helps in increasing immune system:

Apart from all above benefits, Whey also helps in boosting immune-related proteins and also give anti-inflammatory support.

Whey protein helps in building lean muscles:

Whey protein helps in building lean muscles and aids in burning fat. It has fast absorbing protein that stimulates muscle growth and helps in slower absorption of proteins.  Also, it is suggested to have a whey shake along with a small number of carbs before your workout session.

So those were few reasons why whey protein should be a women’s go-to form of protein. Also, if you want to add Whey Protein in your diet for just losing extra kilos then remember that losing weight is a slow and gradual process that will take time; there are no cut-shots to it. Consult your health care provider before using this to get more sustainable results.

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