Is Your Healthy Salad Really Healthy? Think Over!

Is Your Healthy Salad Really Healthy? Salads really have a very healthy halo; therefore we presume that they are healthy, before even looking at their nutritional value. But the question is, are they really HEALTHY?

Serious question to ponder upon na! Well, they are (in some way), but that too depends on the things that are in your so called healthy salad platter like the kind of toppings have you used, your intake timings and much more.

As per Dietician, salads are healthy if it has colors; colors of veggies, nuts, seeds and much more. But there are numerous other ways where salads can go wrong.

Moreover, if you force yourself to eat something you don’t like, chances are you will throw your meal or might end up leaving your meal. Further, if you are eating a bowl of healthy salad in an unhealthy way (like fatty toppings, cheesy-dressings), you will end up gaining weight and losing your nutritional values.

Folks! We definitely don’t want to bash salad; instead, we just want you to have a really healthy bowl of veggies and fruits in right way. So, instead of bashing salads anymore, let’s quickly dive in to see how salads can help, what are things one should keep check-on while consuming them, and some methods to make them more nutritious and healthy.

What are the Benefits of Salad?

  • They are a Wholesome Diet: Salads with leafy green veggies like arugula, spinach, fresh herbs in your bowl are very healthy for the body. Plus, if you pile on shredded carrots, broccoli, jicama mushrooms, red bell, roasted peppers, or any of your favorite veggie, they are even more healthy and yummy.

Still want some more tweaks in your bowl to make it more interesting? Add some lean protein like egg or chicken, or add low-fat cheese with some chopped nuts. And sprinkle some pepper as per your taste. Make sure to control portions of high-calorie foods like nuts and dried fruits.

  • Salads Pack Tons of Nutrition: If you add green color to your bowl, then congratulations! You are having a healthy diet. Green veggies contain tons of nutrition and add balance to your salad.
  • Aids in longer life: A healthy diet like Kale, cabbage and Arugula are amazing cruciferous veggies that help fighting oxidation. Oxidation, for those who don’t know, are quite harmful for body and can causes chronic diseases like Alzheimer and cancer. Thus it’s very important to have antioxidants in body to balance the oxidation level. However adding salads can help fighting those antioxidants and other infectious diseases.

Keep an eye on:                                                                                     

  • Salad Dressings: Say NO to fatty, cheesy toppings if you really want to make your salad a diet-friendly salad. Salad dressing plays a very important role and can also spell disaster if you use them too much.
  • Adding high-calorie flavors: Adding a lot of flavorful salsa or dips in the salad can diminish salad’s own nutrition. Therefore, if you like creamy dips, try using little water or vinegar with it. Or there’s one more way, dip the tines of your fork into the dip and then add salad onto your fork.

You can make salads more interesting; try these below-mentioned tips to please your taste buds:

  • Prepare smartly: By smartly it means, preparing a salad using exact and precise quantity. Also, use good jars to keep them fresh and healthy.
  • Eat Rainbows: C’mon folks, I’m not insane; eating rainbow means adding colorful veggies in your bowl. And to do that try mixing fruits and veggies of different colors to prepare your multi-colored, rainbow bowl of healthy meal. Also, try taking wider variety of vegetables and add juicy fruits as per your taste. You can also add a dash of vinegar (plain or flavored) on it to make it more delicious.
  • Choose Right Greens: Each vegetable has different nutritional value and amount of fiber; however, it is very important to choose them as per your body demands and your internal health. Salads with leafy greens and herbs are fiber rich and have few calories. You can pick cabbage, kale, collards and much more as per your taste.

So, that was some of the most common things we overlook while preparing salads. Use above mentioned tip to make your salads more interesting. But like I cited above, don’t forget to keep an eye on dressings and toppings.

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