How to Improve Digestion With Yoga

How to Improve Digestion With Yoga

How to Improve Digestion With Yoga – Yoga is the best exercise for healthy body. Today yoga is popular due to its cure for every disease. The last thing that one will surely feel is that doing when you have tummy troubles is twist yourself into a Rusk, but doing the yoga at mat may definitely be the good thing for your digestion. Here we will discuss, how to improve digestion with yoga?

Improve digestion with yoga

Not only various yoga poses will help to align the gastrointestinal tract and make it run more effective and smoothly, but most of the stomach woes have mental and emotional causes such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc.—and by performing yoga can be effective in achieving a better mind/body balance..

Top yoga poses to improve digestion:

Yoga is very simple and effective remedy to improve the digestion. Here are the some of the effective yoga poses and to improve digestion which are mentioned below:

  1. Pawanmuktasana:

You can use Pawanmuktasana pose to improve digestion with yoga. This yoga pose is very good in eliminating the gas. This pose will surely massage the intestine and other abdominal organs in order to provide the strength to them.

How to perform?

While exhaling and inhaling, at a 90 degree lift your legs to the floor. Then against the abdomen bend your knees to press your. Hold your legs with hands, and rest your chin on the knees.

  1. Extended child pose:

Extended child pose to improve digestion with yoga is one of the best method.

How to perform?

Now the Question arises that how one can perform extended child Yoga pose to improve digestion.

  • Firstly extend your hands and arms in to the forward direction into pose of the child.
  • Then on your heels try to keep your buttocks.
  • If it is find to be tough to open your knees wider then place your feet together as you extend.
  • Try to breathe continuously normally without forcing or “trying” to breathe.
  1. Yastikasana:

Yastikasana or the stick pose is very effective in relieving from constipation instantly. The way to perform Yastikasana pose to improve digestion with yoga is mentioned below.

How to perform?

  • Firstly lie on your back on a comfortable floor.
  • Keep legs stretched and towards the down direction point your toes.
  • Then inhale slowly, lift your hands and on the floor keep them straight, so that they can stay beside your ears.
  • Then make a Namaste gesture with your palms.
  • Then stretch the whole body and then for 4 seconds stop your breath. And then slowly relax your body. Repeat this procedure for 3- 4 times.
  1.  Cat and cow:

You will be surprised and how to improve digestion with cat and cow yoga? Slow movement between these two poses which will make a good warm-up for your performance and effective in providing the circulation to your abdominal organs. It is also effective in stretching the spine and good in relieving from tension which is good for digestion. As you press your shoulders back breathe in and lift your head up into cow pose, and exhale as you round your back into cat pose.

  1. The cobra pose:

The cobra pose to improve digestion with yoga is very helpful.

  • Firstly lie down flat on comfortable floor with your forehead touching the ground.
  • Then keep the palms close to the shoulders with the elbows facing toward upwards direction.
  • With an inhalation, from the ground lift your body, first forehead, then the chest and then your back by place the pelvis on the floor and then lock the arms.
  • Then grap till for 5 counts or till the comfort level and exhaling does not come back to the real position.
  • This pose is effective in increasing the acid secretion which is good for digestion and helps you to get rid of acidity. It is effective in open up your chest and enhances the circulation.
  1. Go for bridge pose:

This is one of the best pose to improve digestion with yoga.

  • Firstly lie down on the comfortable floor, bend your knees, and to your sits bones keep your heels close.
  • While you exhale, press your feet and arms into the floor and try to lift your pelvis up by keeping your thighs and feet parallel.
  1. Malasana the squat:

  • Squat your feet as close as together, by placing heels on the ground, if you can.
  • Slightly wider than torso separate thighs, lean to forward direction, and then press the elbows against the inner knees, by bringing palms together.

After reading the whole information you would got the answer for how to improve digestion with yoga? Yoga is basically an experiential science which will act on the body and mind at the same time. It is also effective in providing the physical fitness, emotional stability, psychological balance and clarity with continuous disciplined practice. It is beneficial in relieving from the pain, lowers stress, increasing the breathing capacity, manage weight and good in improving the blood circulation.So go for yoga.

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