How to Relieve Constipation With Yoga

How to Relieve Constipation With Yoga

How to Relieve Constipation With Yoga? Yoga remedies for constipation is the one of the efficient way to get rid of this irritating problem. It is helpful in curing maximum number of diseases by providing the inner peace. So in this article we are sharing the important tips and yoga poses to relieve constipation which are used by men as well as women. So if you want best results then go for the below mentioned yoga asanas to relieve constipation.

Yoga Remedies to Relieve ConstipationAbout Yoga and Constipation

Yoga is a solution of every problem. It not only treats your disease but also gives you the inner peace. Yoga is safe and natural and do not result into any adverse effect. All you need to take care of the precautions which should be followed while practicing yoga. Yoga also helps in treating constipation. Isn’t it strange to listen? But yes, there are certain yoga poses which will be very effective in treating constipation. Constipation is nothing but difficulty in passing bowel movements.

How Yoga is beneficial in Relieving Constipation?

You can treat constipation by practicing yoga on regular basis. Infrequent bowel movements can lead to bloating and straining of the stomach and when they do not get treated on time, they may result in to hazard pelvic disorders. Treatment always helps people in getting relief from constipation. But it is always said that prevention is always better than cure. So the best method to prevent constipation is to include yoga in your regular routine as it helps in revitalizing the body and also enhances the circulation of blood and oxygen in our system. Most of the yoga postures include pelvic movements, so practicing yoga can really help in getting rid of constipation.

Yoga Postures for Treating Constipation    

Below given are some of the yoga poses which will help in preventing the constipation. Include them in your daily routine in order to get positive results.

  1. Wind Relieving Posture (Pavanmukatasana)

    This kind of yoga posture will be greatly beneficial in relieving constipation. Initiate it by lying down on the mat. Make sure that the spine and tailbone should be planted comfortably into the ground. Bend your right knee and bring it into your chest. Arrange your hands on top of one another, on top of the bent shin and pull the shin into your belly. Repeat it on the other side in order to get relief from bloating and painful gas related with constipation.

  2. Child’s Pose:

    This yoga posture will help you in relieving the pain experienced with constipation by pushing your lower abdomen with the knees. Initiate it by sitting with the knees bent resting on top of your feet. Move from the top of the hips forward. Make sure to keep the back straight and ultimately bringing the torso forward so that the shoulders and arms lie outstretched in front of you. Stay in the same position for about 30 seconds and let the weight of the knees pushing into the lower abdomen as by doing this you will get relief from pain.

  3. Peacock Pose (Mayurasana):

    It helps in improving digestion and also destroys the effects of unwholesome food items. It enhances intra-abdominal pressure that decreases the spleen and liver enlargements. This yoga posture is also helpful in toning the bowels and removing constipation issues.

  4. Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konsana):

    It is a very effective yoga posture. This forward-bend yoga pose is beneficial in improving the digestive system and also helps in relieving gas, cramping and bloating of the stomach. This yoga pose is also very beneficial in decreasing stress which is very essential for good digestion.

  5. Sleeping Thunder

    Start this yoga pose by lying down in a corpse posture, then turn your arms over and push with the hands and biceps to bring the lower body off the ground. Activate the core. Keeping the legs straight and remaining balanced, bring the legs up and over so that they are now behind the head on the floor in front of you. Let the bottom be on the top part of your body. Keep the neck steady and facing forward so that your chin tucked deep inside to keep the fragile part safe from injury. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds or for as long as you feel comfortable and then get back slowly to the mat. Similar to different inversion moves as it will help you in creating movement and stimulating the energy within the colon and digestive system.

  6. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana):

    Practice this standing yoga posture barefoot on a steady surface. Place the legs in a wide stance, inhale and bring the arms fully straight out to your sides. Exhale and bend to the right until the right fingers touch the ground behind your right foot. Make sure that your arms should be in a vertical line and your face should be turned upwards. Inhale and then return to the standing pose, then repeat it on the left side again.

Yoga poses will stimulate the organs of the digestive system and also permits the procedure of digestion to move more effectively and smoothly. So practice these yoga poses in order to prevent yourself from constipation. However if the problem still persists then see your doctor in order to prevent any complication.

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