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Investigating the Whey Protein for Bodybuilders and Gym Freaks

“A whey protein to fatigued muscle is as useful as it was Sanjivani herb for a cadaver to regain life.”

Introducing Whey proteins – Whey proteins are building blocks for adding lean muscle mass. Whey protein has also demonstrated the phenomenon of excellent exercise performance and enhancement. Whey proteins are complex proteins derived from milk, treated as functional food with number of health benefits.  Whey Protein stimulates muscle growth without adding extra fat.

What is need of taking Whey Protein?

Now a day, Indian youth have transformed their passion towards bodybuilding. They have turned fitness enthusiasts. Their thinking is based upon the idea of having muscular, awesome, in shape and well toned body. In order to achieve so, they tend to hit the gym hard. In that process sometimes muscles get fatigued due to excess of exhaustion and quick recovery is required. This is where whey proteins play their part. It can be said that in modern days excellent bodybuilding cannot be achieved without whey proteins.

Whey Protein Benefits?

Whey proteins are categorized as protein supplements. Whey proteins are easy to absorb from GIT into blood stream. They are said to have good impact on immune system. Besides, it contains many helpful nutrients. Responses to whey protein concentrate and isolate when taken in combination form are better and suitable. All three forms of whey protein lead to weight loss. Using whey iso is indeed, a healty way to build lean muscle mass.

In order to enhance the recovery process, whey proteins play key role. Whey protein holds a superior position in terms of having high biological value. Whey protein is no doubt the best, rapidly absorbed protein for post workouts. Whey Proteins exclusively contain highest number of essential of amino acids, one fourth of which are branched chain amino acids.

  • Whey Proteins muscle is useful for beginners and intermediates in training programs for muscle strengthening.
  • Whey Protein muscles provide the body with protein and amino acids that make muscles to grow and expand
  • Whey Protein helps in lean muscle mass build up, increase in stamina, endurance and improvement in physique.
  • Whey Protein isolate boosts your energy and performance without adding extra carbs and fats.
  • Whey Protein leads to muscle build up if paired with regular exercise.
  • Whey Protein regulates the appetite and weight gain.
  • Whey Protein increases exercise performance and recovery.
  • Whey Protein helps to treat fatigue.
  • Whey Protein helps to improve memory and level of mental performance.
  • Whey Protein helps to avoid stress.


Whey Protein Side Effects?

Whey proteins are safe under prescribed limits however; high dosages of whey protein can cause some side effects like enhanced bowel movements, excessive thirst, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and cramps.

What is Maximum Safe amount of Whey Protein that can be taken?

So, what should be the right amount of Whey Protein that has to be taken? Questions keep on revolving in our mind

such as – is it an effective protein supplement? Let us analyze these:

Yes, it is effective as a protein supplement. Scientific studies have proved that 0.8 g of protein per kg of body weight

for a healthy person is safe.

Who can benefit from whey protein?

It is a generalized concept that whey protein is just used by bodybuilders and athletes. This is not correct completely. It can be handy for people of different ages. Those who take vegetarian diet and everyone including man, women and children receive benefit from whey. Those who miss proper protein content in their diet can be supplemented with whey protein. Immuno compromised individuals and those who have injury and illness have shown good results with whey protein.

Best time for Whey Protein Intake?

A question strikes our mind always what is the best time to take protein into our body? Experts say that best time to take proteins is immediately after the workout. Because, body begins heal up work immediately after the workout, taking protein at that time will give body fuel power that it needs to grow. It is good to take small meals containing high proteins in about 3 to 4 hours interval, thereby providing your muscles with constant supply of protein to help your muscles to heal. It is quite important to take a protein drink, before going to your sleep to compensate the amount of proteins that deplete while you sleep.

Which Protein is best?

Whey protein is the best protein supplement for those who are looking to gain muscle weight, enhance stamina and endurance. Protein with high biological value must be chosen since it is easy to be used, digested and retained among the users. Whey Protein concentrate is equally as useful as whey protein isolate. Choosing between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate entirely depends depends upon your fitness goals. However, Whey protein concentrate has more bioactive components than others.

How much Whey Protein should you take in?

Minimum amount of body protein that you need for building muscles is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Proteins deplete calcium and magnesium amounts in the body and hence, it is always good to have calcium and magnesium supplemented externally along with the excessive amount of proteins.

Recap and Myntra

No matter, whatsoever your goal is, proteins are regarded as building blocks of good physique and mandatory for performance enhancement. No doubt, a person who is invests a lot of effort in sports and weightlifting will be directly benefitted from enough proteins. However, even those who are not indulged in such exhaustive activities can find advantageous to take proteins.

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