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How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to lose weight Naturally at Home – Are you gaining weight day by day and looking for instant and quick weight loss tips at home ? If you want to use the natural remedies to lose weight in 7 days or 1 week then it totally depends upon your zeal and passion. If you have strong zeal for weight loss then you can even lose weight by using papaya and pepper combo. Also If you want to lose weight naturally at home with exercising then aerobic exercises plays an important role.

There are various way to lose weight naturally at home such as  Vegetarian Diet Plan or Lose Weight Using Junk Food. You can also take the help of  Ayurvedic Weight Loss Supplements. The weight loss process depends upon the particular body’s  structure and immune system. One body can not digest the ayurvedic products and other weight loss supplements.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

An overweight body give birth to many diseases like you can not do any physical movement or activity very easily. Obesity creates the breathe problem and many more diseases. Therefore it is necessary to lose weight naturally or in any other way.

So it’s time to fasten up your belts and ready to explore the whole new ride of a car giving you the tremendous adventure and fruitful experience towards your goal which is none other than WEIGHT LOSSSo in this article we are going to share the best natural home remedies to lose weight which helps you in reducing the fat so that you can get slim trim figure. Also if you want to lose weight without exercises but in natural way then you can use herbal remedies for weight loss as well.

“Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose”

Let’s move towards the very first segment which illustrate the simple methods of how to lose weight naturally at home?  Like, Is there any home remedy which will help me in burning calories? Then baby the answer is YES! There are varieties of food stuff and drinks especially proteins and ayurvedic weight loss supplements.

A study shown that a huge number of people in the world go for weight loss supplements and end up without gaining the results. The weight remain still constant or may be a little bit reduction. So the people who are fed up using the weight loss supplements now they look for how to lose weight naturally at home or what is the best diet plan for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Naturally PowerPoint Presentation?

The question arises in anyone’s mind how to lose weight naturally at home? Follow the steps as mentioned in the presentation in order to lose weight naturally at home.


General Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

Here are some useful general natural tips to lose weight at home. These general tips will be very beneficial for the purpose of weight loss. These are illustrated below.

  • Eat regular breakfast in time
  • Drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily
  • You can also engage yourself in homeopathy remedies for weight loss. Which also provide you best results
  • You can also go for pilates exercises to lose weight.
  • Eat Seaweeds and ashawagandha for weight loss which helps in keeping the thyroid gland to become sluggish and also the main reason for gaining weight
  • Drink Green Tea minimum 2 times a day
  • Do regular Exercise which include minimum 50 push ups and sit ups regularly
  • Eat Cucumber regularly because it contain 90% of water and 13.25 calories.
  • Drink Coffee and Lemon Mixture for weight loss 2 times a day.
  • Go for herbal remedies for weight loss such as cumin and kalonji etc.

One thing to care that even you can also lose weight using the junk food. It sounds funny, since junk food is the main cause of obesity but you can also lose weight while using the junk food in a proper way.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

There are many ways to lose weight. Many people use fat burners, some goes for weight loss supplements while others are looking for natural ways and physical exercise etc. Now people may confused that what should be the right process for weight loss.

If you are internally healthy and not have any disease then you can use supplements. But if you are not physically good and having some problems regarding health then natural way for weight loss is healthy and beneficial. The natural way for weight loss may be slow but it provide permanent results without any side effects. Therefore one can go for natural treatment to reduce the weight.

How to Lose Weight Naturally – Common Diet Mistakes

If you want to lose weight naturally then diet have the main role. Diet depends upon the time period in which you want to lose weight. We have Indian diet plan for weight loss. If you want to lose weight naturally in 7 days then diet is different, if you want to lose weight in two week then diet plan is different and similarly for 10  and one month. But in most of the cases people made mistakes in their diet. The major diet mistakes are illustrated below.

  1. Hurry to Finish
    Hurry to finish the food will lead you to nowhere even if you have a proper diet plan. Taste every single bite of your meal because it is the thing you are earning for. Enjoy your meal and avoid overeating as you are not in a burger eating contest. Love what you eat and eat what you love but in a very Royal manner!
  2. Meal Skipping
    Studies have shown that breakfast skippers are more likely to gain weight than breakfast eaters. It is a misconception that breakfast skippers or skipping meals can save calories because people who eat less than three meals usually end up eating more at end of the course. Eat three times a day and have a healthy breakfast but be careful to chose wisely
  3. Having Too Many Liquid Calories

People consuming alcohols, sweetened juices, cakes, coffee with cream and sugar, teas and sodas are more             prone to weight gaining as their products have calorific value. So avoid these beverages if really want to lose         your weight!

  1. Asking for unhealthy add on

Eating pizza and asking for extra cheese? Having coffee with an extra cream and sugar?

Seriously! You want to lose weight? Avoid these unhealthy add-ons because it will add calories and add more and more fat in your body. So guys it’s time to pull up your socks and avoid the unhealthy top on to take one step closer to your ultimate goal.

  1. Eating Amnesia

It is a condition in which you eat mindlessly, Like while watching Television and eating snacks whether you are   hungry or not. Eat your favorite snacks but count calories to avoid gaining weight.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight at Home

There are several products with which you can increase the chances of loosing the weight instantly. The products are illustrated below

  1. Cinnamon Tea:
    Blood sugar has a direct impact on your body weight; it affects your energy and appetite, like if you have enough energy you are more likely to workout. If you have balanced blood sugar level, than you are less likely to have an irregular large appetite. Studies have shown that cinnamon tea can help in regulating the blood sugar level. So one or two cups of cinnamon tea a day, keeps the body fat away.
  2. Green Tea:Green tea is much more than a hot flavoured drink; it is loaded with powerful bio-active substances in the form of antioxidants and also has caffeine in it. Green tea contains less amount of caffeine when compared to coffee but enough to have a mild effect. Caffeine acts as a fat burning aid and antioxidants helps in boosting the metabolism of the body and thus green tea helps a lot in reducing the body weight.  So Have a cup of green tea a day and feel the refreshing and healthy body inside and outside.
  3. Ginseng Berry Extract:Ginseng Berry Extract is used as a weight reducing products from many years as it increases your sluggish metabolism, with this you can eat the same amount of food but have less excess calories to be converted into fat. It also helps in increasing your physical stamina.
  4. Yoga or Exercise:

Yoga or exercise is very helpful and natural way for weight loss. Yoga will keep your body fit and slim. It will also keep away the body from many diseases. Yoga is the natural cure to control the metabolism system. When you walk, run or do any physical movement, a lot of calories burn from the body that led to weight loss. Other than yoga the aerobic exercise for weight loss is very beneficial. By doing the aerobic exercise the calories will burn in a high rate.

5. Peppermint:

Peppermint is very helpful for home remedy for weight reduction. Take 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves and add 8 ounces of boiling water into this. Consume this mixture on your regular basis and there will be fat reduction into the body.

Also the Natural products contain the various herbal remedies for weight loss and other food which can help you in completing the resolution. The natural fruits are illustrated below

  • You can use triphala to lose weight.
  • Do regular exercises with sports to lose weight and get fit body.

One can begin their day with a glass of warm water and lemon. Always keep in a mind that you should never exercise with empty stomach. You can go for soaked almonds as they are full of fiber which keeps you full and supplies ample energy required during the workout. Again one of the main reasons why people are unfit is the skipping of the most important meal of the day that is Breakfast. It is correctly said that you should eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a common being and dinner like a popper.

Breakfast is important because there is huge time gap since you had something, so it should be full of fiber food followed with fresh fruit juice and egg whites. Post lunch one can sip a cup of green tea as it is full of anti-oxidants which further boosts the immune system. For lunch one can have a normal meal and for the evening snacks one can hop for fruits as they keep you fell fuller. It is always advised to eat your dinner before 7 PM as after that our metabolism rate slows down.

Tools to Calculate BMR (BASAL METABOLIC RATE) & Calorie Intake

If you want to lose weight then you must have knowledge regarding the calories which you need to take in daily deit plan. So, Before Calculating Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) let have an overview of about BMR.

About BMR

BMR is the method for checking the calories which is needed in our body. It varies according to the weight, height and age of the person. With the help of this formula you can calculate the amount of Calories which is needed by human body and also you can increase the diet by eating natural food without using any supplement at your home.

Want to know your BMR and calorie intake?

Here are the tools, just put down your weight, height and age to know your BMR and your daily calorie requirement.

Calculating BMR

There are following steps with which both men and women calculate their BMR according to their Weight, Height and age.


The Step 1 Shows formula to Calculate BMR

MEN– BMR= 66.4730+ (13.7516 x Weight in kg) + (5.0033 x Height in cm) – (6.7550 x age in years)

Women– BMR= 655.0955+ (9.5634 X Weight in kg) + (1.8496 x Height in cm) – (4.6756 x age in years)


The step 2 illustrate that how much daily calorie is needed. There is a principle which is used to calculate the daily calorie needed for both men and women and the principle named as Harris – Benedict principle

Applying Harris-Benedict Principle:

                                                            Daily calorie needed

Little to no exercise                    =   BMR x 1.2

Light exercise                              =   BMR x 1.375

(1-3 days per week)

Moderate exercise                      =    BMR x 1.55

(4-5 days per week)

Heavy exercise                            =   BMR x 1.725

(6-7 days per week)

Very heavy exercise                    =   BMR x 1.9

(Heavy workouts)

THE ULTIMATE TARGET – Lose Weight Naturally at Home

Increasing body weight will lead to number of diseases like abnormal blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes and many more; it’s up to you, whether you want a healthy life or not because after all it’s your health and your body. Following a proper diet plan along with workout and taking weight losing products will lead to a transformation you have always dreamed of. So people take a ride in the health car and feel the difference in your body and in your soul.

If you want to lose weight using some other way like homeopathy etc then follow the below mentioned articles like

  • Homeopathic Remedies to Lose weight naturally. But Firstly consult the specialist.

Apart from these aspects there are certain tips which one can always follow:

  • Drink 4 -5L of water a day.
  • Make green tea your favorite drink.
  • Try to eat 6 meals a day.
  • Do not skip your workout.
  • Eat as many 5 fruits and 3 veggies a day.
  • Cut out salt & sugar from your meals.

Other than the above methods people can do some changes in their daily diet. for example

  • If someone is rice lover then they have to compromise with their taste. Replace the rice with chapatis because rice causes the obesity.
  • The another solution is Try to finish the dinner earlier. If dinner is completed before the two hours of sleeping then it would be very helpful for weight loss. Late-night food is not healthy, it creates problem for health.
  • Do not add too much salt on your meal. It causes fatness.
  • If you drink the water before meal then it will fulfill the empty stomach that will lower down the hunger level. Thus drinking water is the super natural way to lose weight.

So people do something today so that your future self will thank you for. After reading the whole information in this content you will be familiar with the products and process of weight reduction. Now you may get the answer for how to lose weight naturally at home.


How to lose weight naturally at home

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