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Medisys Whey Series and Their Benefits

Medisys Whey Series and Their Benefits – Now a day, young people have changed definition and way, we address fitness. Fitness more often than not is linked to bodybuilding. To achieve a muscular build up, or abs, they tend to smash the gym hard, in tandom. In the process of doing that sometimes muscles become fatigued, tired and fast recovery is required, indeed. This is where whey proteins play their part.

Depending on the extent to which whey proteins are processed and specific concentration of the whey that they contain, these are classified into three distinct forms –whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey hydrolyzed respectively. Purest form of whey protein is, whey protein isolate, whereas whey concentrate contains whey ranging from 75 to 80 %. Third type of whey protein is manufactured by the process of enzymatic hydrolysis of whey cheese. Whey proteins are meant for the fast muscle recovery and also equipping muscles with high strength. It is correct for whey proteins to be addressed as “Muscle building Blocks.”

Medisys Whey Protein Series and Their Benefits

Medisys 100% Whey Protein

100% Whey Protein

  1. Whether it is a beginner, intermediate or advance stage gym freak, all can take it.
  2. Medisys 100% Whey Protein contains a comprehensive blend of micro-filtered whey isolate and ultra filtered whey concentrate.
  3. Medisys 100% Whey Protein contains dual benefits of whey isolate and whey concentrate. They promote muscle recovery, prevent muscle loss and enhance recovery due to glutamine content. Glutamine is present in 3.9 grams in each serving.
  4. Muscle recovery is attributed due to presence of 5.25 grams of BCAAs and 10.95 grams of essential amino acids.
  5. 7 grams of carb in each serving boost your energy levels.
  6. Scoop size- 1 heaping scoop

Medisys Whey Isolate

Medisys whey Isolate

  1. Medisys Whey Isolate can be taken by beginners, intermediates and advance stage bodybuilders. It is quite useful for both pre and post workout sessions.
  2. Medisys Whey Isolate micro filtered whey protein isolate, ultra filtered whey protein concentrate, (12.95g) of EAAs and (6.23g) of BCAAs.
  3. Medisys Whey Isolate helps individual to develop a lean, slim, fit and tight body. Besides, it strengthens the body, improves the metabolism and digestion.
  4. Maintains the skeleton muscle mass.
  5. Increases abdominal fat loss.
  6. Scoop Size- 1 heaping scoop

Medisys Whey Force

Medisys Whey Force

  1. Medisys whey force is meant for beginners who have just started shaking their body parts at Gym.
  2. Medisys Whey Force contains whey protein (20.05g), carb (6.55g), branched chain amino acid (4.33g) and essential chain amino acids (9.33g).
  3. Speeds up the process of muscle recovery after the workout.
  4. Better protein metabolism and enhances muscle strength.
  5. Boosts the energy levels.
  6. Maintains the glycogen reserves in muscles.
  7. Scoop Size- 1 heaping scoop.

Medisys Whey Xtra Energy

Medisys Whey Xtra Energy

  1. Medisys Whey Xtra Energy is an extraordinary post workout supplement for beginners.
  2. Medisys Whey Xtra Energy is a combination product of (21.70 gms) of whey protein concentrate and 4.68gms of whey protein isolates BCAAs, (9.78 gms) of EAAs, vitamins and minerals, isomaltulose.
  3. Whey protein isolate and Whey protein concentrate, BCAAs and EAAs provides quick muscle recovery
  4. Vitamins and Minerals optimize your energy level
  5. Isomaltulose acts as a sustained energy source and allows individual to derive energy from fat during exercise.
  6. Scoop Size- 1 Scoop

Medisys High profile Whey

High Profile Whey

  1. Medisys High Profile Whey is suitable for gym intermediates and those who are at advance levels. It is basically a power pack supplement that contains whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolyzed aiming at quick muscle recovery and better workout performance. Massive amount of fat (1.82 gms) and (2.92gms) of carb is present to provide energy quickly and for better absorption of all nutrients.
  2. Medisys High profile Whey contains a wide range of (5.40gms) branched chain amino acids, (11.27gms) essential amino acids. Besides, it contains glutamine (320mg), taurine (160mg), creatine monohydrate (160mg), L –Cartinine Tartrate (160mg). Glutamine acts as a metabolism modifier, while creatine monohydrate helps in faster muscle recovery. Taurine and L cartinine tartrate drench individual with energy.
  3. Product contains Digezyme, a multienzyme blend that acts on different substrates such as protein, lipid, carb, fats etc to aid in their digestion.
  4. Scoop Size- 2 to 3 scoops daily

Medisys 100 % Whey Iso Muscles

Whey Iso Muscle

  1. A Medisys 100 % Whey Iso muscle is made targeting the Gym intermediates and advance stage gym freaks.
  2. It is a power pack supplement containing all the necessary ingredients such as whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein.
  3. It promotes the muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis when compared to the big international brands.
  4. Besides, it contains (7.26gms) BCAAs and (14.76 gms) EAAs. They help to enhance overall muscle strength.
  5. It can be taken both during pre and post workout sessions to avoid muscle loss.
  6. Scoop Size- 1 Scoop


Whey protein is a byproduct, obtained from cheese manufacturing process. Depending upon the percentage of whey protein a product particular contains and extent to which they are processed, they can be classified. These products have proved good as a supplement for various bodybuilders. Proteins are essential macronutrients that are required in certain amounts to maintain a good health status. Quality wise, whey proteins win the race, also. Numerous scientific studies and clinical strials have been conducted and clinicians, dieticians say that whey protein not only help in muscle recovery from fatigue and tiredness but also impart great deal of power and strength to muscles.

The ingredients for Medisys Whey Protein have been procured and sourced from one of the most trusted and best suppliers in the world. Further, Medisys Whey Proteins have been processed using ultramodern techniques. Medisys Whey Proteins are better than supplements in this category from others quality wise, purity wise and result wise. Medisys Whey Protein is not only a workout supplement but it is a wonderful achievement of our research team that is working continuously to benefit bodybuilders, athletes, weightlifters and sportmen.

Medisys whey proteins


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