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Common Workout Mistakes To be Avoided During Push Ups

Common Workout Mistakes To be Avoided During Push Ups – Pushups are the most common and best body weight exercises that you practised often. It is a classic exercise that you may have learned in your middle school. Doing push-ups is an excellent way to build upper body strength, but doing them wrongly can result in pain and injury. There are many variations on the push-ups that you can almost get a complete upper body workout by doing just the one exercise. While doing push-ups, you may do many mistakes and as a result you might not get any beneficial effect.

How to Avoid Push ups Mistakes during workoutCommon mistakes to be Avoided During push-ups         

There are many mistakes that most of the beginners do while doing push ups and can ruin your push-ups. We are illustrating the common mistake to be avoided during push ups and also sharing some tips to do push ups in right way.

  1. Placement of hands:

    May be your hands spread too far apart or maybe they are too close together or they are too low or high. If you are doing all these things then yes you are doing absolutely in the wrong way. When you spread your hands, you make the push-up a little easier. It will concentrate on the chest muscles more, but it will stress your shoulders. It not really a cheating, but it can end up resulting in strain and injury in the long run. In order to fix this problem spread your hands wide and place them beneath the shoulders and tuck the elbows to your side as you drop down into the push-up. It will provide your triceps an aimed workout as well as your chest and you will find that while the push-up is much harder this way, it will make your stronger in the long run.

  2. Concentrating only on the up:

    The word “push-up” may concentrate mostly on the “up” side of things, but you must never ignore the eccentric also termed as the “lowering” region of the exercise slide. You will observe that performing the eccentric part of the pushup correctly will help you in building muscle and strength just as much as doing the concentric or “up” part. When you try to lower yourself into the pushup, make sure to dig the fingers into the ground as it will get your lats working, and being the largest muscle group in the upper body, it will help to adding force to the workout. You will observe that performing this will work out on your back muscles and lowering yourself slowly to the ground will raise the difficulty of the pushup. Now count up to two seconds to lower yourself into the pushup, 2 seconds to push back up and a second of rest at the top.

  3. Wobbling neck:

    Most of the people lower their neck to the ground then they perform push-ups as it helps them to feel like they have performed a proper and complete push-up when they get tired. It can also strain your neck and it will surely stop you from maintaining the proper form of push-up. In order to correct this, try to force yourself to think of the spine like a straight line. Don’t allow your head or neck wobble. Make sure to keep it firmly in line with your back and legs. No doubt, that it takes a lot of practice and but ultimately practice makes the man perfect.

  4. Not stretching:

    Pushups mainly develop the front of the shoulders, along with the chest, triceps, and back. However, if you avoid doing stretch after the workout, you may find that the muscles get tighten and pull you forward, giving you a bit of a hunch. Stretch out the muscles after practicing pushups, especially if you are practicing a slow push-up that acts mainly on your muscles out on both the up and the down. Spend some time after your workout only to loosen up the muscles and you will avoid getting that forward hunch.

If you are doing it wrongly, you can get results but it may lead to some serious injury and if you are doing it in the proper form, then nobody can stop you from getting results. Do it under the expert supervision and get yourself trained properly in order to avoid any push-up mistake.

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