Order Cancellation

Q. How to cancel an order?


Ans. We start processing your order as soon as you click “Place Order.” During processing, it may be possible to cancel your order, but once it moves to the shipping process, it cannot be cancelled.


To cancel your order during processing:


  • Sign in to My Account at the top right corner of any Medisyskart.com page
  • Find the order you want to cancel on your main account page
  • Click the order number to see the order details


If it’s still possible to cancel your order, you’ll see a “Request Cancellation” button on the order details page that you can use to cancel your order. This sends a cancel request, but it does not guarantee the order will be cancelled. If there is no button, the order is already being shipped and cannot be cancelled.


If the cancellation is after your product has shipped, you can do one of the following:


  • If your product has shipped but has not yet been delivered, contact Customer Support and inform them of the same.
  • If you received the product, you can return it immediately and contact Customer Support, informing them of the cancellation.

Refund (exclusive of shipping/freight charges) will be done after received Shipment from Courier Partner.


Q. How do I know if my cancellation request was successfully completed?


Ans. A Representative will attempt to process your order cancellation request immediately upon receipt. If your request is successfully completed, a confirmation will be provided to you either via email or phone.


Q. What if I still have additional questions regarding the Order Cancellation Policy?


Ans. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.