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Glutamine Supplements

Exercise is very important, so as the right nutrients to stay healthy and fit. And while there are so many other things to fulfill the nutritional needs, there are supplements like Glutamine to do the job. Glutamines are the most abundant, amino rich nutrients present in our body; they make up to 60% of the total skeletal tissue and helps in recovering broken muscles. However, regular and tough exercises can diminish their effect. Therefore, to balance glutamine level in the body and to harmonize its effect, glutamine supplements are very important.

These supplements also help in balancing digestive conditions like stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's diseases. Also, they are used for calming depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and other mental diseases. From basic trainers to professional bodybuilders, Glutamine supplements are quite beneficial.

Why Should You Choose Glutamine Supplements?

Glutamines have tons of benefits. Since it is an amino acid formula, it helps in transporting nitrogen to cells that are present in the muscles. They also help in balancing nitrogen level in the body. Glutamine supplements are the first choice of athletes and gym lovers who want something nutritious without hampering the body. They are soluble and digestible, and are tasteless. Therefore, it can be used with a protein shake or any sports drink with the dosage as suggested by your dietician.

It aids in building lean muscle tissue, helps in stabilizing metabolism and also helps in the growth of hormones.

How are Glutamine Supplements Helpful?

Glutamine helps in repairing broken tissues and muscles by keeping the amino acids in control. They are quite beneficial for gym freaks and athletes who are engaged in regular intense workouts. You can combine them with your diet plan to get more effective and positive results. Glutamine is important for maintaining intestinal functions and thus aid in a healthy immune system.

Note: Glutamine only helps in building lean muscles, so planning this for your weight loss plan will not work.

    Benefits of Glutamine Supplements:

  • There are numerous of benefits one can have from glutamine supplements, a few are listed below:
  • They aid in better immune system
  • Improves mental function and act as a neurotransmitter for brain
  • Helps in increasing hormones in the body
  • Helps in synthesizing muscle protein
  • Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in the body
  • Promotes in building lean muscles
  • Helps in restoring muscle glycogen for broken muscles

  • Where to Buy Glutamine Supplements?

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Suggested Dosage:

The team of experts recommends consuming only 5 grams thrice in a day. But it is advised to have this after having a word with your Nutritionist who will suggest you as per your body needs.