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Casein Protein Powder

Taking health supplements with regular workout is very common for the people who want to shed extra kilos and are seeking to build strong muscles. But the question here is how can you maximize your efforts and extract out the beneficial juice out of your exercise in order to quickly build a strong and healthy body. Well, the answer is, keeping an eye on your regular protein intake.

While there are so many different protein powders available in the market, choosing the best is an arduous task. The point is not just to pick the best one, but is also to get a good quality, and value for money product. And one such protein powder is Casein Protein powder. But before buying Casein Powder, you should know what Casein is?

What is Casein?

Casein is a protein rich product packed with amino acids, which are not just important for the growth of muscles, but are also important for building a strong body. With approximately eighty percent of protein in milk and twenty percent of whey protein, Caseins are phosphorous proteins. The most important feature of this protein diet is its slow-digesting ability. Since it contains dry calcium, it is also helpful in strengthening bones and teeth. Casein is becoming very popular in the nutritional supplement world and is also becoming one of the favorite choices of bodybuilders to clinch their weight balancing goals.

Have a look at some of its most common benefits to make the product your favorite one.

  • Helps in Fat Loss:
  • As Casein is a protein rich diet, higher in calcium content, it is also one of the best diets that help in burning fat. Many people aloof them from dairy products in an attempt to lose fat, however, studies show that people who consume high calcium with normal protein intake are more prone to lose fat than the one who consume minimum dairy products. It is also best product to find a balance between protein and calcium intake without increasing proteins to lose fat.

  • Promotes Colon Health:
  • The casein protein powder also promotes colon health. Studies indicate that the proteins found in dairy products are more effective in promoting colon health than meat and soy products. Casein is also a great source of vitamin D and potassium; therefore, adding this in your diet regime will surely help you. So if you are looking to add more Casein rich foods in your diet, dairy product like cheese, yogurt, and milk is the great source to add in.

  • Muscle Growth:
  • Casein protein is also great for building and recovering lean muscles. So if your muscles have broken down due to intense workouts, fret not, consume this daily and get your body and muscles back in shape. It is also helpful in maintaining perfect balance in a body, which is another main factor in building strong muscles. If taken at the right time, Casein powder is very effective protein to whoop-up your muscle building efforts. Since it is highly purified, it gets less excreted and thus gives you the desired lean muscles that you crave for.

  • It Is a Slow-Digesting Protein:
  • One of the utmost benefits of Casein Protein is the speed at which it gets digested in the body. It is a slow digesting protein that takes some hours to break down, which is, therefore, its greatest strength. It gives a slow and steady flow of amino acids in the blood stream that lasts for hours giving you so many other benefits. Although it takes some time to get dissolved in the body, it is suggested to have this as a bedtime snack. At night time, it will enhance your muscles and will recover all broken and fatigued muscles.

  • Provides Strength to Bones And Teeth:

Consuming Casein Protein is also beneficial for dental health. Since it contains calcium, it is also healthy for bones and teeth. It helps in reducing acid erosion and boosting tooth enamel.

Why Should You Choose Casein Powder?

Casein Protein powder is the best for its timing. It is also known for its long lasting process and building fatigued muscles. It gives slow blood stream and slow amino acid flow that can last in your body for long hours. It is also beneficial for the days where you reduce your diet, and want something healthy protein rich food.

When Should You Take Casein Protein Supplements?

If you want to buy the Casein Protein Powder, but don’t know the right way to add this in your diet plan then the product is of no use. Studies have shown that Casein Protein powder will take at least 7 hours to get digested in the body, which is equal to the average sleep of a normal person. Remember, if you are sleeping, your body is not getting any nutrients and you will run out of amino acids. And in that case, your blood will start breaking muscle proteins to get fuel. Thus, consuming Casein Protein before going to bed will help in avoiding protein breakdown. Make sure to take the product as suggested by your dietician 30 minutes before going to the bed.

How to Take Casein Powder?

Casein Powder is great for extending protein photosynthesis rate. It also helps is avoiding muscle catabolism. You can have this along with whey protein after your workout or can consume it 30 minutes before your sleeping time. However, the quantity of the powder depends on your body needs as directed by your Dietician.

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