Multivitamins - Women

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  • Our body is just like a running vehicle. Vehicles need fuel to run. Similarly our body requires proper diet, nutrients and supplements to work for. Fuel and diet can’t be anything. Diet that we take has to be proper, well selected and specific. For that reason, we should consider adding following nutrients to our diet.

  • Calcium- As we grow older, the process of osteoporosis speeds up. Osteoporosis is the process of removal of calcium from the bones leading to fall in their tensile strength. You can meet the daily requirements of the calcium by consuming dairy products, taking juices and calcium supplements.

  • Iron- A menstruating women undergoes a lot of blood loss. She can suffer from shortage of iron in the body and hence turn anemic. It can be supplemented in diet along with fruits and juices so as to meet this requirement. Vitamin C can enhance absorption of iron from the digestive tract.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids- Fish oil is the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids, they possess tremendous anti-inflammatory action. They also protect against the heart diseases.

  • Vitamin D- As the age progresses, one loses his ability gradually to convert sunlight into Vitamin D. No doubt using sunscreen lotion might prevent from skin cancer but it also diminishes ability of sun rays to interact with bone calcium to get converted into vitamin D. In order to meet the body requirements calcium and vitamin D can be supplemented externally. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12- Vitamin B6 act as a haematinic and vitamin B12 help in the nerve cell formation.

  • Folic Acid- Folic acid deficiency in women can lead to birth defects in pregnant women. This birth defect affects the brain and spinal cord. In addition folic acid can be obtained from leafy and green vegetables, Orange juices and beans.

  • Beta carotene- Sources are apricot, papaya, potatoes and mangoes etc. Beta carotene scavenger the free radicals and hence, prevent the cell damage. Its deficiency can be supplemented externally.

  • Multivitamins for women have been launched into the market keeping in mind, the need of women body. These products are designed especially for those women who have completed 5 decades of their life. Women after menopause require some extra amount of the nutrients.

  • Every women’s body is different and also their requirements. You can discuss with your general practitioner or dietitician, the benefits or the advantages of a vitamin particular.

  • In the present article we have made a sincere effort to discuss the importance of the multivitamin supplement for women. Most important are the folic acid, iron, vitamin C and Vitamin D. However, each one of them holds equal importance at their place.